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Latex Balloon Care Kit


Balloon Specification

  • Latex 11 inch
  • Assorted mixture of colours
  • Non-Reusable
  • 1 quantity = 10 pieces of latex balloons (same colour)


How will the balloon be given to me?  

  • Un-inflated (Flat packaging)
    • All balloons will arrive deflated and in a sealed pack. (no ribbon is provided)
  • Helium-Inflated Balloon
    • 10 pieces of helium-inflated balloon bouquet will be tied together in a bunch and hold down with a FREE water weight. Please purchase decorated weight separately if you prefer not to have water balloon weight. We will mix the colours equally, so each bundle of balloons have an equal mixture of colours. 


Why are there two floating time options? 

  • Float approximately 6 hours
    • Latex balloons are inflated with helium only.
  • Float approximately 10 hours
    • Hi-float solution is added into each piece of latex balloons before inflating with helium. This solution prolongs the floating time for latex balloons.


How early should I arrange collection or delivery for latex balloons?

As helium-inflated latex balloons only have a few hours floating lifespan, we highly encourage customer to arrange collection or delivery one to two hours before party start time.


What will happen to the balloons after they exceed the recommended floating time?

Over time, helium-inflated latex balloon will shrink in size (smaller). Eventually, after exceeding the recommended floating time they will start to drop to the ground. 


More Balloon Information

Need more details? Our Balloon Information hopes to answer all your questions about balloons, helium-inflation and delivery.


Please Note

Do not release the balloon outdoors or near overhead power lines as the balloon may conduct electricity. Hold down balloon with counterweights. Not suitable for children under 24 months.

Excessive heat could cause the balloon to burst; therefore to suit Singapore's hot weather, Party Wholesale will only inflate balloon up to 95% to allow room for helium gas to expand. Likewise, due to the sensitivity of helium gas, the balloon might appear slightly deflated when place in indoor air-con environment as helium gas contract in a colder environment. 

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