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[PKG] Jumbo Letter (x4)
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National day Jumbo Letter Balloon Package Includes:

1) 40" Alphabet Mylar Balloons | 4 pieces

- Choose between silver or gold colour letter balloon. (rose gold is not available)

- If helium option is chosen, each jumbo letter balloon will be tied to 1.8m ribbon & 1 FREE weight. (Balloon float 1-7 days)

- This promo is for letter balloons only, click here for jumbo number balloons

2) 12' Latex Balloons | 30 pieces 

- Choose up to 3 colours

- Click here on balloon colour chart

- If helium option is chosen, balloon will be tied to 1.5m ribbon. Balloon float 6-8 hours. Please choose extended float, if need balloon to float 10-14 hours. 

Shipping Mode

- Un-inflated Balloons

a) Normal Mail (See price at checkout)

b) Registered Mail (see price at checkout)

c) In-house delivery starting from $20 (see price at checkout)

d) Collection at 81 Frankel Avenue Singapore 458209

- Helium Balloons

a) In-house delivery starting from $20 (See price at checkout)

b) Collection at 81 Frankel Avenue Singaproe 458209


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A)  Balloons inflation time 

1.  Foil balloons will be inflated 2 to 3 hours before delivery to check for leakage or manufacturer’s defects.

2.  Latex balloons will be inflated 1 hour before delivery.

B)  Balloons inflation capacity

All balloons will be inflated to a maximum of 95% of its capacity to allow for hot air expansion.

C)  Balloons float time   

1.  Latex helium balloons   

2. Foil helium balloons

Note: Balloons float time is based on approximation and varies with different environmental condition. We will not be held liable for under-performance or expectation.

D)  Balloons packing style 

-  All helium inflated balloons will be packed in large plastic bags for easy transportation, reduce oxidation to preserve balloon original colour, as well as allow longer floating time .

-  It is recommended to keep balloons in plastic bag till half hour before party time.   


E)  Refund policy 

-  Items sold are not exchangeable or refundable except defective items.

-  Request for exchange must be made by phone within 1 hour of receipt for helium balloons and 24 hours for all others items.

-  Party Wholesale Centre will replace the defective item if possible or do a voucher refund if defect is truly manufacturing fault.      

F)  Safety Instructions 

-  Do not breathe in helium from a balloon. Helium is non-toxic nor flammable, but breathing it may cause asphyxiation.

-  Burst latex balloons may be a potential choking hazard for young children. 

G)  Un-inflated Balloon

- Party Wholesale highly recommend you purchase helium inflated balloons. For purchase of un-inflated balloon we will not be accountable as we cannot guarantee how customer store the balloon nor can we guarantee whether customer over-inflate balloons or not. 

- We will ensure balloons are in good condition when they are mailed or delivered out. 

Our standard method to tie balloons are as follow: 

a.  Helium Latex Balloons

Latex Balloon Tying Method

b.  Helium Foil Balloon

c. Helium Jumbo Balloon / Single Foil Balloon

Note: If customer require additional weight, may purchase decorated balloon weights here

Should any balloon(s) not be available, Party Wholesale will substitute with balloon(s) of similar colour and equal value.